If we didn’t recognize them already, recent times have put a spotlight on several serious, deep divides that have had strong negative impacts on our society – racial, political, religious, and other types of divides. Much has been written describing these divides and how they came about, or encouraging us to look deeply inside ourselves to discover our own flaws.  All good things! But there needs to be more said regarding what to do about these serious issues. “How to Heal Our Divides” is a project aimed at building awareness of voices and organizations that are taking real action to address these divides. The project is not an attempt to gloss over serious problems or “make happy” but instead to highlight tangible efforts that are solving problems – actually working to heal divides in effective and practical ways.  

Perhaps you are tempted to just write off “the other side” and lambast them for all the terrible things they’ve done. Or perhaps you want to just give up and believe that these serious divides will never be healed. But is that really in the best interest of our country and our culture? Shouldn’t we instead try to listen and learn and actually talk to each other? Are there at least some things we can work on together, even if we don’t agree on everything? (How many people have you met with whom you agree on absolutely everything?) Granted, some will never listen; But some will. Even if we cannot completely eradicate these ills, we owe it to our children to try to make things better…

Our first book “How to Heal Our Divides: A Practical Guide” is available on BookshopAmazon, and IndieBound. It won a 2021 Independent Author Network Book of the Year award, and was named one of The Best Spiritual Books of 2021.

And Volume Two! “How to Heal Our Divides Volume Two: An Abundance of Opportunities” is available! This second volume contains chapters from over 25 new contributors, with a particular focus on additional organizations doing the important grassroots work to heal different types of divides. Here is a wonderful review of Volume Two from Spirituality & Practice. Order the Paperback version here or the eBook here. And “How to Heal Our Divides Volume Two: An Abundance of Opportunities” was named one of The Best Spiritual Books of 2022!

Also we have free Group Discussion Companions that accompany each book. Download the companion for Volume One for free here or order a print version here. Download the companion for Volume Two for free here or order a print version here. These discussion guides are organized into 4, 6, or 8 week long group discussions. Also we are glad to visit with your book discussion group or church group via Zoom!

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How to Heal Our Divides is led by Brian Allain; you can learn more about Brian here.

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