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Episode 20: An interview with book contributor K Scarry from The People’s Supper

Episode 19: An interview with Duke Kwon for “Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair”

Episode 18: Interview with Kate Rademacher, author of “Reclaiming Rest: The Promise of Sabbath, Solitude, and Stillness in a Restless World”

Episode 17: Interview with Justin R. Phillips, author of “Know Your Place: Helping White, Southern Evangelicals Cope with the End of The(ir) World”

Episode 16: “How to Heal Our Divides” interview with Brandan Robertson

Episode 15: Book interview with Steven Charleston for “Ladder to the Light: An Indigenous Elder’s Meditations on Hope and Courage”

Episode 14: An interview with Mel White, the author of several important books including “Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay And Christian In America”

Episode 13: Book interview with Lamar Hardwick for “Disability and the Church: A Vision for Diversity and Inclusion”

Episode 12: “How to Heal Our Divides” interview with Parker Palmer

Episode 11: Book interview with Jemar Tisby for “How to Fight Racism”

Episode 10: Book launch interview with Mako Fujimura for “Art + Faith: A Theology of Making”

Episode 9: “How to Heal Our Divides” interview with Wes Granberg-Michaelson

Episode 8: “How to Heal Our Divides” interview with Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra

Episode 7: “How to Heal Our Divides” interview with Amy Julia Becker

Episode 6: Interview with Jeff Burns to discuss the Peace Path Model

Episode 5: Interview with Susan K. Williams Smith for her book “With Liberty and Justice for Some: The Bible, the Constitution, and Racism in America”

Episode 4: “A House Divided: Engaging the Issues through the Politics of Compassion” with Mark Feldmeir

Episode 3: “How to Heal Our Divides” interview with 3Practices

Episode 2: “How to Heal Our Divides” interview with Catherine Meeks, Executive Director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing

Episode 1: “How to Heal Our Divides” interview with Arrabon Executive Director David Bailey