A fast track to awakened connection

From “The Awakened Brain: The New Science of Spirituality and Our Quest for an Inspired Life” by Lisa Miller, PhD

“Can you show me now?” I asked quietly. “How do you teach spiritual awareness?”

“It’s not through a particular religion,” Gary said. “Most of these boys we work with have had bad scrapes with the messengers of religion.”

He was quiet a moment, then snapped his finger. “Let’s do it!”

He led me in this transcendent visualization exercise, called Holding Council:

Sit down. Close your eyes.

Set before you a table. To your table you may invite anyone, living or deceased, who truly has your best interest in mind.

With all of your guests sitting there at your table, ask them if they love you.

And now to your table, invite your higher self. The part of you that is much greater than anything you’ve done or not done, anything you have or don’t have. 

Ask your eternal, higher self if you love you.

And now to your table invite your higher power, whoever or whatever it is to you. Ask if your higher power loves you.

And now, with all of those people sitting there, right now, ask, “What do I need to know right now? What do they need to tell me?”
It was a fast track to awakened connection. To realizing that we are in relationships – with our ancestors, our loved ones, our higher selves, our higher power – that transcend physical presence, and through which we gain something vital and useful. Your inner council is always there. Different people may show up at your table at different times. You can ask them questions anytime, anywhere.