Advancing a just faith in the public square

When historians look back at the history of Christianity and politics in the United States, 2016 will hopefully be marked as the turning of the tide. The alliance between the religious right and the Republican Party held strong despite Donald Trump’s rampant immorality, but it also shined a light on the nature of their unholy alliance. And it set us on a course toward the resolution of the story, which is the end of conservative Christian dominance over what it means to be a Christian. 

The false prophets of conservative Christianity in the United States have lost credibility as an authentic expression of following Jesus. For many of us, the 2016 election and subsequent actions by President Trump put nails in the coffin of conservative Christianity. Now it’s up to us as progressive Christians to drive those nails in. In this moment of anagnorisis, progressive Christians have the opportunity to shift the tectonic plates of faith and politics in the United States. We have the opportunity to advance a just faith in the public square.

From “Just Faith: Reclaiming Progressive Christianity” by Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons – Broadleaf Books