Finding solutions to our healthcare insurance crisis is a Christian issue

By 2007, a record 47 million Americans were uninsured – either because they or their employers could no longer afford coverage, because they were not poor enough or old enough to qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, or because they had a preexisting condition. This led to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 which, as you may have heard, is not without its critics. Nevertheless, 52 percent of Americans today have a favorable view of the ACA, and while some advocate for “repeal and replace,” and others for “retain and repair,” the ACA has accomplished some important measures, including:

  • the removal of lifetime limits on benefits
  • free screening and preventative services, including maternity and newborn care
  • guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions
  • the ability for students to remain on a parent’s health insurance plan through age 26

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican or something else, finding solutions to our healthcare insurance crisis is a Christian issue.

From “A House Divided: Engaging the Issues through the Politics of Compassion” by Mark Feldmeir – Chalice Press