Peace Catalyst International

We organize loving initiatives that create safe spaces and foster authentic relationships between Christians and Muslims. We also partner with Muslims to seek the peace of the city (Jeremiah 29:7), engaging with different sectors of society (e.g., government, education, NGOs, law enforcement, media, arts and entertainment, business) for the flourishing of our cities. 

  • EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Instead of talking about each other, we want people to talk to each other. We create events and opportunities that offer safe space for people of different faiths to interact and connect.
  • TEACHING & TRAINING: You can be a peace builder right where you’re at, and we’re here to help. We’ll help give you theological foundations for peacemaking, tools for working with people of other faiths and backgrounds, and practical peace building skills.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE & ACTIVISM: We can affect exponential change when we work together. We gather people of different faith backgrounds to serve the community side-by-side and coordinate public action to make a positive impact in the places we live.

Please enjoy our interview with Martin Brooks here.