Praise for “The Social Justice Investor”

From “The Social Justice Investor: Advance Your Values While Building Wealth, Whether a Few Dollars or Millions” by Andrea Longton, CFA

“The Social Justice Investor understands the link between doing well and doing good, and it offers readers the tools and knowledge necessary to transform everyday financial decisions into social justice commitment.”

                                                                                                                   -Stacy Abrams

“Money is a lever with which you can change the world. The Social Justice Investor is a treasure chest of valuable insights for readers who want to finance a more just society.”

                                   -Joanne Gan, head of Impact Investing & ESG, Treasure, PayPal

“This easy-to-understand book boils down financial concepts to everyday language so all of us can leverage our financial resources to drive positive change. The Social Justice Investor helps us finance the world in which we want to live.”

                                   -Matt Glatting, chief financial officer, NeighborhoodWorks Capital 

“A transformational road map for social justice investing, this book is a master class of personal finance activism.”

                                                                         -Jason Howell, CRP*, CPWA*, CSRIC*, Author of Joy of Financial Planning