Jennifer Garcia Bashaw

Male headship

From “Scapegoats: The Gospel Through the Eyes of Victims” by Jennifer Garcia Bashaw – Fortress Press Sally Gallagher, a sociology of religion researcher, has studied the complementarian ideas in evangelicalism for years. She argues that the majority of evangelicals cling tightly to the delineation of men and women’s roles not for biblical or theological convictions …

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Women as Scapegoats

Society continues to separate women out as scapegoats by consigning them to gender-role stereotypes – the virgin, the shrew, the wife, the widow, the whore, the witch, and many more. Such categorizations work to dehumanize women by reducing them to one-dimensional caricatures and forcing them to play limiting and (usually male-) prescribed roles in the …

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It was easy to abandon the path that Jesus set out for them

Christ-followers today might be at a loss to explain how the church could have even participated in, much less led, the destructive scapegoating of women in the past. Questions abound; How did clergy justify words and actions that were dehumanizing and even deadly to women? How could Christians have strayed so far away from the …

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