Monica Guzman

The first step

Asking “What am I missing?” is the first step. It’s that doorstop against cognitive closure that comes too early, that hasn’t gotten close enough to know enough at all. So then, who do you ask? What expert should you consult to understand other people’s perspectives? Well, let’s turn that around for a minute. What expert […]

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At his many talks and conferences, john powell,” the head of the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley, likes to tell the story of a pastor who, hearing that he ought to build bridges with people who are very different from him, asked powell a tricky question, “john, are you saying I should bridge

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Risky and Reckless

Understanding people who hold opposing political beliefs is hard enough when you rarely meet anyone like that (sorting), harder when they’re a them to your us (othering), and harder still when the stories that surround you give you little if any reason to take even small, slow steps in their direction (siloing). Add in the

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