The chaos of daily life

I realize we are also each in the midst of the chaos of daily life even when there is not a pandemic. Here was the scene when I initially wrote this Prelude: I am currently sitting in a chair, next to my bookshelves, with a big dog half by my side and half on my lap. Three teenagers crisscross through the room, interrupting my clear and (of course) profound thoughts to complain about a teacher or cry about a friend. My husband stops as he walks through and asks who is picking up kids from school tomorrow and reminds me that our son has a basketball tournament this weekend. We need groceries and toilet paper, and it looks like chocolate milk was spilled on my son’s nightstand – at least a week ago. I have twenty baby chicks I am raising in the garage, two jobs I am sure I am neglecting, and a world outside that frequently feels completely overwhelming. I often feel scattered and disoriented as I move from one world to another. This week. As I was about to walk into the State Capitol to testify on a bill to end the death penalty in Colorado, I was informed I was wearing mismatched shoes. 

From “Holy Chaos: Creating Connections in Divisive Times” by Amanda Henderson – Chalice Press