The Golden Rule

From “Legacy: Wisdom of African Traditions and the Bible” by Chris Morehouse; forward by Therese Taylor-Stinson

What is bad for you is not good for your neighbor.

-Swahili (Kenya and Tanzania)

Treat your neighbor justly and honestly.

-Swahili (Kenya and Tanzania)

What you do not like, do not do unto your neighbor.

-Twi (Ghana)

If you know what hurts yourself, you know what hurts others.

-Malagasy (Madagascar)

O man, what you do not like, do not do to your fellows.

-Bakongo (Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo)

What you do not find acceptable if it were done to you by another, do not do to him or her.

-Akan (Ghana)

What you can’t take, do not do unto others.

-Yoruba (Nigeria)

Compare to the following:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

-Luke 6:31