There must be two different Gods

From “US: The Resurrection of American Terror” by Rev. Kenneth W. Wheeler

I would hear her praying for me, her only son, her only child. I would hear her talking to God about me. Lord, keep him in your care. Throw your loving arms around him and protect him. Keep him from all hurt, and danger.

My mother was well aware of the story of Emmett Till, who was viciously murdered by two white men when I was just three years old. Her prayers for me were not paranoia. They were based in reality and the ugliness of that reality.

At an early age, I began to wonder if the God that I heard my mother praying to was the same God that whites were praying to in their homes or in their churches. I concluded that there must be two different Gods. If whites were praying to the God that my mother was praying to they would have to know that the way they were treating Black people was wrong.

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