What was the mechanism of this connection?

I felt the same way about the inipi. My ability to explain what had happened didn’t obscure my absolute joy and wonder in the imminent arrival of two children. Dr. Dossey’s words ran through my mind. The nonlocality of consciousness. Paired with what we understood about quantum entanglement, nonlocal consciousness suggested that just as tiny particles can become bonded and interconnected, so can minds or awareness. Perhaps nonlocal consciousness was what I’d felt in the inipi, that sense of collective focus and awareness shared by the women in the tent, and also the connection with a larger source that the healer had helped us tap into. It seemed especially significant that the child who had come wasn’t a daughter, as Phil had said he wanted, but a son. The women in the inipi had prayed for healing for their lost, missing, and suffering sons, and life had sent us our missing son. He hadn’t materialized like food ordered from a takeout menu. He’s come through dialogue and connection with others and the universe. What was the mechanism of this connection?

From “The Awakened Brain: The New Science of Spirituality and Our Quest for an Inspired Life” by Lisa Miller, PhD