Justin Phillips

The supposed norm

From “Know Your Place: Helping White, Southern Evangelicals Cope with the End of The(ir) World” by Justin R. Phillips Rightly or wrongly, we categorize people who enter our orbit. The majority of people who I have attended school or church with, and established friendships with, have been white. I only say this as a matter …

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Justifiable reasons to enslave some and not others

Theories of organizing peoples have existed since the beginning of recorded human history, but the systematic implementation of these theories has wreaked havoc upon the earth in ways that localized squabbles never could. A few examples, by no means comprehensive, include: Aristotle’s climate theory justified Greek slaveholding practices, where “extreme hot or cold climates produced …

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Sit, listen, and share

One such example of choosing who I would dialogue with came from joining a student group devoted to racial reconciliation at Duke Divinity School. That group helped me consider this tension – between my privileges and my interaction with the world – within a trusted community. Each week we gathered to hear one another’s stories. …

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