Susan K Smith

The religion of empire

Even within Christianity itself, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of denominations all claiming to know the true message of Jesus the Christ. Now, as in ancient and pre-biblical days, we have a polytheistic system in which gods are competing with each other.  In addition to that, as much as we might want to claim …

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Weak from the start

As slavery continued to thrive in the United States, slave traders, many of whom called themselves Christian, participated in the business of selling human beings. As the economy of the South was growing, more and more labor was needed, and so many enslaved Africans who lived north of the deep South were sought as laborers …

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“True Christians”

Americans have never had a monolithic view of Jesus, nor have they had a monolithic understanding of what Christianity is. In fact, so-called liberals and conservatives are miles apart when it comes to race. While it does not seem to be the case that evangelical conservative Christians are all Christian nationalists, what is clear is …

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