Trust is hidden from view

From “The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything” by Stephen M. R. Covey

One time I hired a guide to take my fly fishing in Montana. As I looked out over the river, he said, “Tell me what you see.” Basically I told him I saw a beautiful river with the sun reflecting off the surface of the water. He asked, “Do you see any fish?” I replied that I did not. Then my guide handed me a pair of polarized sunglasses. “Put these on, “ he said. Suddenly everything looked dramatically different. As I looked at the river, I discovered I could see through the water. And I could see fish – a lot of fish! My excitement shot up. Suddenly I could sense enormous possibility that I hadn’t seen before. In reality, those fish were there all along, but until I put on the glasses, they were hidden from my view..

In the same way, for most people, trust is hidden from view. They have no idea how present and pervasive the impact of trust is in every relationship, in every organization, in every interaction, in every moment of life. But once they put on “trust glasses” and see what’s going on under the surface, it immediately impacts their ability to increase their effectiveness in every dimension of life.